Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Fat Man, by Anders Lustgarten

Anders Lustgarten's rip-snorting anti-capitalist polemic is one of the Theatre Uncut plays. It's informative, entertaining, and inspiring. In fact it's downright exhilarating. This version is very slightly adapted by the goose, and is about 20 minutes long. The writer's promised to send us a shorter version, with changes he made after performing it, though of course you're also free to adapt it yourself, in any way you choose. Don't you love the Creative Commons?  The goose does!

The Fat Man

Geneva Nights by Graham Chadwick

With a nod to Samuel Beckett and a fondness for physics and puns, here's Graham Chadwick's take on the absurdity of the global financial system. It's got four performers, one of them being the audience. Or maybe five; that's the uncertainty principle of the thing.

Geneva Nights

Over to you

We've got two more sketches/short plays we're hoping to put up in the next few days, but then that's it. We need your help.

Do you know anyone who's written a song, a poem, a play, any kind of creative text that they're willing to let people use to fight economic injustice?

Have you written one yourself? Have you ever thought about writing one?

Have you designed a poster, drawn a cartoon, made a video that you're willing to let people use for free in a good cause? Do you know anyone who has?

Have you read, or heard, or seen something we should be linking to, or offering for downloading?

Get in touch:
                      @PGGoose on Twitter

Friday, 15 April 2011

Tim Austin's NHS privatization skit

One of the most worrying things the coalition government is doing in the UK is the creeping privatization of the NHS. This skit takes place on the phone between a desperate caller and a call centre worker in the privatized ambulance service of a dystopian (but all too plausible)  future. It was written in April 2011 by Tim Austin
Twitter: @timaustin2k

A Price On Life

The second twig: Despair

This beautiful design, suitable for placards, posters, T-shirts and more was made by @Adam_Y. Titled Despair, it is a mashup of Shepard Fairey's famous Hope poster of Barack Obama.


Building a nest: First twig

Well, here we go. Eventually, we hope to have lots and lots of freely available creative materials for you to use in your political actions, but everything's got to start somewhere, and we're starting here.  The original song is Sonic Attack, by Hawkwind, and the original lyrics were by Michael Moorcock. These lyrics were written by our twitterfriend @palmer_eldritch. Use them for the public good, and with the Goose's love:

Condemic Attack